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My name is Kaj-khan Hrynczenko

at the moment this site here is lacking the pillowy mounds of mashed potatoes

and I'm one part multi-kulti melting pot and another part
creative practitioner,fearless daydreamer,drunken philosopher,modern-day indiana jones,ludicrous writer,code wrangler,funky monkey dancer,spaceship commander,spontaneous adventurer,proud islander,scurvy pirate,black comedy,pro boxer - only got rocky V left,flimsy gamer,tennis amateur wannabe,rally car mechanic,sous-chef to the Swedish Chef,shiba groomer,procrastinator,pro-activator,ironical contradict-or,delusional optimist,human pattern cartographer,treasure diver,airplane jumper,mix-tape maker,occasional painter,cocktail shaker,high-school dropout,fresh prince in apprenticeship

however in the kitchen things are cooking but for now feel free to contact me just hit that 'pigeon post' below

oh hi! yeah, sorry for this..

take your awesome device-thingy and do like this, flip it into landscape mode